Number19 is the sound of cellist/vocalist Leah Coloff and electronic alchemist Sarth Calhoun. This Brooklyn, NY based duo overlays electronic and organic elements for a new brand of Alternative Electro-Rock they call "spontaneuos electronica"

Reinventing their songs nightly, live sampling and processing instruments and vocals, turning arrangements inside out, they bring that skin-of-your-teeth-seat-of-your-pants attitude to electronic music.

They were once a rock band; Rhythm & Srings in all the requisite New York venues. [Brownies, Knitting Factory, Galapagos] There were arrangements of sound and stories told, while their single "water" spearheaded their 90,000 downloads, paying for their first album and eventually rising to #18 in the site overall.

Following the independent release of their CD "Suspension," LC2 returned to their subterranean Brooklyn [lab/lair/workroom/studio/apothecary] to brew a new batch of song structures. Devoped and arranged using processed audio and sampled loops, these improvisations become the reinventions and again improvisations as the live moment expands somewhere near you.